My nephew loves all things Mario so I decided to make him a Goomba hat.Why Goomba?After googling Mario characters, I decided he was the only one in my skill set.


I started with the crafter chick easy peasy child’s hat.

Then I just added eyes,eyebrows,mouth,teeth. I made this part up because 1) I can’t follow patterns very well 2) I get tired of counting stitches.

The mouth and eyebrows are just a single crochet sewn on the hat. The eyeballs are buttons. I don’t like crocheting little things.

The eyes and teeth were a little trickier. The oval started as a chain and then instead of turning at the end of the row, I just kept going around. The teeth involved decreasing-always a tricky amneuver for me.

The best part was that I used materials I already had around the house. I always feel such satisfaction when I can do that.