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A friend requested that I make a Cinco de Mayo outfit for their baby.Specifically they requested a hat and moustache. I checked online and found a pattern for sale on Etsy for a crochet baby sombrero but that’s no fun.

Here is what I came up with (modeled by Sponge Bob)

I chose the Red Heart Celebration yarn as it has some sparkle to it and seemed festive.

I started with the easy peasy hat again.


However, last time I made this hat I used the 3/6 month pattern for a one month old baby and it was waaaay too small.So I am using the one year size to be on the safe side. It is not for daily use so it doesn’t have to fit well.

I tried different ideas for the brim. A sombrero should have a big brim but it kept getting wavy and looked like a floppy sun hat.

So after completing the tenth row, I increased by doing 2sc in the first stitch and then 1sc for the next 3 stitches. Repeat all the way around. Then for 3 additional rows I just did sc in each. Just enough to roll it up and not look like a ski hat.

I decided to make a little matching scarf. Just rows of double crochet.

The crochet moustache pattern was incredibly easy to find. Apparently a popular concept.

So there it is. A crocheted baby cinco de mayo costume.