Here are some hats I made. I started with trying the pattern at:

However I ended up with a big stiff disk shape. More like a bag than a hat.

So I went back to my favorite hat pattern at:

I pretty much just followed the pattern with a few innovations.

I found that using regular acrylic yarn resulted in a very stiff hat. However, using the acrylic yarn labeled as soft like Caron simply soft yarn or any soft worsted results in a great slouchy hat.

To get the slouch hat look, I went up to 20 rows instead of 14 like the original pattern.I kept it at 60 stitches instead of increasing to 72 like the original slouchy hat pattern.

I really like the sc in tbl for the brim so I kept that. I also liked the 2 thin rows of a second color so I kept that.

My son who has autism and doesn’t speak very often saw the hats and pointed to the blue and said”This one for me”. What a great compliment.