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I love the look of granny squares but I didn’t have too much success with them. I am,in general, an enthusiastic but mostly incompetent crocheter. Stitches seem to appear and disappear without reason. Anyway, my granny squares usually end up more like a trapezoid or free form shape.

However I found one pattern that was easy and forgiving.
This pattern was actually for an owl motif but I just ignored the details that made the circle into an owl.

After I had 8 squares, I decided to single crochet them together into two panels of 4.(I watched a you tube video to figure out how to this-

I then double crocheted appropriately sized rectangles for the bottom, sides, top flap and handle. I chained 5 in the middle of the 3rd row of the flap for a button hole.

I single crocheted all those pieces on the granny square panels. Except for the top flap-I sewed that on because I wanted a seamless appearance.

I also crocheted a button. I started with these instructions:
I kind of lost my way in the pattern but ended up with a button like object that I was happy with.