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My nephew loves sharks and I was inspired by his birthday invitation.

I decided to use felt for several reasons. I had a yard of blue felt.Not sure why. I suspect it was for a Halloween costume that never happened. Also felt is easy to work since it has no stretch and the edges don’t fray so I could leave the top unfinished.

I used a reusable shopping bag as a model to get the dimensions for the size bag I wanted to make. I cut out two pieces for the front and back and then sides and bottom. I sewed the pieces together.

The shark was added after the bag was done. It would have been easier to add the shark to the front panel before it was part of the bag.However I wanted the shark to be as close to the bottom seam as possible and I didn’t think my sewing machine could handle three layers of felt.

So I hand sewed the shark parts. Those are all felt as well and I just drew them freehand using a picture of a shark as a guide. I didin’t sew the small pieces-I used craft glue.

It was great handsewing practice. I tend to make big,sloppy stitches but I think I improved.