My daughter wanted a purple shrug to wear over her sleeveless Easter dress. Easy, right?

We found every color except purple. I offered to crochet a shrug. But she declined. She crochets better than I do but has finals coming up.

So I turned to the internet. Easy t-shirt shrugs abounded and I happen to have a purple t-shirt.So…

Here is the cautionary part.There is a reason I avoid knit fabrics. They stretch and you end up with wonky, uneven seams.

Apparently there is a special sewing machine foot and needles for knits. I don’t have those. So I have wonky,uneven seams.

This might not be apparent from the photo. Actually it isn’t apparent to some people who have seen it in person.But non-sewing people don’t usually inspect seams. But I know they are there-mocking me.

Also t-shirt shrugs are tight across the back and chest which was a problem for my daughter. She likes her shrugs loose, more like a shawl.

So be warned if you are tempted by all those “easy” t-shirt shrugs.