This picture doesn’t do this brownie justice.

After reading lots of recipes for brownies-which is almost as good as eating brownies(total lie)-I was inspired to invent my own version.

The brownie batter recipe was from a kids cookbook lying around the house. It uses chocolate chips as the chocolate source. I noticed recipes can be classified as using chocolate chips or cocoa or unsweetned chocolate as the chocolate source. I plan to make a careful comparison of those 3 methods.

Anyway I got creative by baking a graham cracker crust and letting it cool. I put half the brownie batter in the pan and crumbled the cooled crust on top along with chocolate chips and marshmallows. Then added the rest if the brownie batter.

Baked for a really lomg time. I think it took at least 45 minutes with all the extra stuff. Ok maybe it was a little overbaked.

Cookies and Cups blog said to cool brownies overnight before cutting. Best brownie advice ever. Of course I had to appease the family by letting them cut of the corners.They outnumber me. I had to give them something.

The juxtaposition of the ooey-gooey brownie with the buttery crust in the middle with the slight crunch of the baked marshmallows was delicious. Or so I thought.

My daughter said “Why did you put this crumbly dry stuff in the middle of the brownie and overcook the marshmallows?”.

So I ate a few more brownies and considered her comments.

Nope. Still really loved the juxtaposition of buttery goodness with ooey-gooey chocolate goodness.

Still I can’t have a family member hate my signature brownie dish.

My son with autism doesn’t eat my signature desserts either. He eats chocolate chip cookies and white cake with white frosting. I can’t afford for my approval rating to go down anymore.

Without my daughters support, my approval goes from 75% to 50%.

Guess I will have to make more brownies.