I saw a pattern for a crochet chick while browsing crochet blogs. Since it was right before Easter, I thought that by making it yellow it could be an Easter chick.



The original pattern used a multicolor yarn but yellow seemed to be Easter chick like.In general, I like to substitute yarn from my stash for the yarn the pattern calls for unless the item is for a special occassion like a wedding gift. Of course, this somtimes results in my using a different weight yarn and therefore hook than the original which already alters the pattern.I am just not a good pattern follower. I am more of an innovator.

So the original pattern is at:


I had just bought some of thr Lion brand cotton bon bons so I used that with the recommended  F hook. The pattern said gauge didn’t matter and I was determined to carefully follow the pattern for a change.

So I made the legs and the beak and started with the body. And then  I was counting rows and stitches and crocheting away. Totally in crochet mode.

And then my mind started to wander. I started thinking about my daughter and the fact that she would be applying to college in the fall. I am trying to convince her to minor in music. It has to be her decision,right? But if I convince her then it is her decision. I hear lots of parents are aghast at the thought of their kids studying music(not very marketable skill) but not me.  I am a cool parent and….

Oh yeah, crochet. MMM, have no idea what row I am on. I guess I could count but instead I added some more rows and randomnly decreased until I got it back on track.

This is generally the way my crochet projects go. Although there is frequently lots of ripping out and starting again.

The original pattern didn’t have eyes and I thought that looked weird so I sewed on eyes. The pattern specifically said no sewing required because crocheters don’t like to sew. But I am a great sewer. Well except for the fact that my sewn on items end up about and inch off from where I intended them to be and sometimes fall off.

Anyway I started to wonder what would happend if i used a worsted weight yarn and an I hook.

This happens:20140420-140630.jpgA