My current crochet projects have gone horribly awry so I thougt I would shift gears a bit.

I had considered a towel cake as a bridal shower gift but I really wanted to crochet a towel basket.

But now the opportunity presents itself again as I have a beach towel and swimsuit just waiting to be wrapped.

I usually don’t spend too much time packaging gifts for boys as it hurts too much when they tear into them without a second glance. But I couldn’t resist. Maybe his Mom will admire it for a bit.

I watched a few YouTube videos on makimg towel cakes and I was ready to go.

I folded the beachtowel lengthwise until I had a width that I liked. This took some trial and error. Then I rolled the towel and secured with a rubber band. It created a very sturdy cake.

I rolled the swim suit lengthwise into a long strip and then rolled the strip and secured with a rubber band. I folded a piece of tissue paper lengthwise to the same width as my swim suit roll and then rolled the swim suit in it and taped.

The two layers are secured using two bamboo skewers. Just like the Cake Boss uses dowels to put together his cakes. I love cake decorating shows.

The ribbon is pinned in the back as glittery ribbon will not stick to tape. I might put a dab of craft glue on it.

The ribbon on top is made using guidance from another Youtube video (I love YouTube). Currently it is just sitting on top. Still thinking that part over.

The cake “base” is a waterproof swim suit bag wrapped in tissue. This was part of the gift and I was lucky that it was the right size. I was going to use cardboard covered in tissue paper.

The scary part of this is that I just had all of these materials lying around. I have way too many crafting hobbies.

One of the benefits of unique gift wrapping is that my son doesn’t recognize them as gifts. Wrapped presents mske him anxious. Gift bags, baskets, and “cakes” don’t register with him as presents.

So it is win-win.He isn’t anxious and I get to indulge my crafting obsession.