Here is my first attempt at a baby blanket.

No pattern.

Using a sport weight yarn. I don’t recall the hook size. I did a sc with a ch1,skip 1 because I wanted a lacey look.

I am guessing on this because I don’t remember. I have a crochet notebook where I intend to enter the details of each project.

However I get so involved in my projects that I forget. Plus I love my projects so think that I will remember forever. Right.

I am getting better.

Anyway, I just went until I ran out of yarn. Then I took it apart so I would enough yarn for a border.

I did a slightly ruffled border by doing 3 sc in each stitch around.

It is a bit mis-shapen as I didn’t count stitches ( I hate counting) so some rows grew and shrank. This is an ongoing issue for me.

Well it looks pretty good from far away.