I decided to try a bracelet since I can finally wear short sleeves and show off a bracelet.

I found a pattern I liked at

I quickly became confused.

I am not sure if embroidery floss and embroidery thread are the same thing but I used floss.

I didn’t have a 2.75 mm hook so I used a F hook (3.75mm).

Also the pattern called for seed beads. Not sure of the official definition of seed beads but I just used some beads I had lying around.

Instead of using a needle to get my beads on the floss, I used a flossing tool intended for threading dental floss through braces and other dental work. It is like a big needle but soft and therefore totally flexible.It can accomodate any size thread (possibly a small rope) but can still thread through small bead openings.

I didn’t take a photo and I don’t have any left. They can be found in stores next to dental floss.

I only chained about 25 since I had a bigger hook and possibly thread instead of the ch 45 in the pattern. It still came out way too big for my wrist-more like an anklet.

I used a button as a closure instead of the clasps since I didn’t have any.Plus that would of made the bracelet even bigger.

I have a couple more in progress without any beads and they look pretty good.