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I made all of these over the weekend. They are kind of addictive. They were also using up all the little balls of leftover yarn I had sitting around. The camo, cream, white, etc are all from previously posted projects.

The basic pattern is chain 25.
HDC two rows
slip stitch to join two ends. Now you will crochet in the round.
dc 5 rows-this is done in the round as a spiral. Since the first two rows are still open, it is easy to find the beginning stitch to see when you are back at the beginning.
Chain 3, skip to fifth stitch and dc the row.
SC next row
SC in back loops only for three rows.
I used the tail from the foundation row to whipstick the two rows closed and weaved in the ends.

I added rows to make longer gloves. Can also chain more for a bigger glove or chain/skip more stiches to make the thumb hole fit better.

The yellow one in the center is a Pikachu in progress for my nephew. To make it kids size, I modified by chaining 21, still hd in 2 rows, did one less row of the dc and sc in blo rows. I made the thumb hole by ch3-skip 4.

Next I will have to make striped ones to use up smaller balls of yarn. But so many ends to weave in…