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My neices and nephews want gift cards but I like to give them something hand made.Plus they can reuse the pouch for something well maybe the girls

I made these in various ways. Some are sc and some are dc.

The horizontal ones are crocheted in a square and then folded over and the ends stiched.

The vertical ones are following my fingerless gloves pattern. Chain 16, dc (or sc) two rows and then join with a slip stitch and the crochet int he round for about 12 rows. I left a long tail when I started the foundation chain and used that to sew the bottom and those first two rows closed.

The second to last row at top, I did sc, ch1 , skip 1 to leave some space to thread the ribbon through on the vertical design. The horizontal design, I just weaved the ribbont through the stitches.

I like to crochet two rows before started in the round to keep track of my starting stitch and because I am incapable of joining a foundation chain without twisting. Joining once you have finished a couple of rows is waaaay easier.