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These are my teacher gifts for this year. I am planning to fill them with homemade goodies but I couldn’t resist taking their picture as soon as I finished them. They came out so much better than I had expected.

I chained 30. This took some trial and error as these mugs taper at the bottom. I would recommend a chain of 28-32 depending on the mug.

I left a super long tail when I started because I used it to make the loop for the button hole so I just had to attach one end. So this end is the top of the cozy.

The body is 8 rows of half double crochet. Then I joined with a slip stitch and single crocheted one row in the round and slip stitched around that whole row.

I weaved in the ends and sewed on the button. My buttons had small holes so I had to use thread.

I then went back and made a chain of 8-12 (depending on the size of the button and the placement) and slip stitched to join to the cozy to make the loop for the button.

I made these three in one evening.