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I wanted to make a functional hooded scarf. Primarily one that would stay on while I shoveled snow or engage in other active activities. The hope is that once the short infinity scarf is looped around, it will hold the hood in place.

The scarf and hood were crocheted separately and then stitched together.

They were done in a worsted weight yarn with a “k” hook.

For the scarf, I chained 130 and did hdc for three rows. Then I joined with a slipstitch and crocheted in the round for the rest of the scarf. I like to start with several rows because it is far easier than trying to join the foundation chain without twisting. Also the small opening acts as a marker for keeping track of rows while crocheting in a spiral. The opening can be stitiche closed when the scarf is done. I continued until the scarf was 4 inches wide.


The hood was done by chaining 60 and then hdc rows until the rectangle folded in half is 8.5 inches.

The hood was whipstiched closed and stiched to the scarf.