The rug under these chairs meant an untimely end so I thought I would try chair socks since I like the hardwood floor showing.

The pattern is simple. Start with a magic circle, ch 2,
row 2:sc 6 times in circle, join with slip stitch
row 3:next 2 sc in each stitch and join,
row 4:alternate sc, 2 sc around, then sc in each stitch, join
row 5, sc around

Because of the shape of my chair leg, I decided to reduce at this point

row 6: alternate sc, sc2tog around
row 7 and on: sc

I think I needed to make these longer I only did 8 rows.
I’m going to see how these work out before I make more socks. I worry that the chairs will slide too much.

Update: Love them.The perfect amount of slidiness. Can easily move chairs to sit or clean around. I must now dress all my chair legs.