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Lion Brand Homespun yarn, size M hook

Chain 60. This will determine the width from arm to arm. 31 inches for me.
Double Crochet in each stitch until desired length. 22 inches for me.

Mine ended up 22inx31in. which was 1.5 skeins of yarn. I wanted it longer but I ran out of yarn.

After desired size is reached, I did a row of half double crochet on the unfinished edges.

Then fold in half and whipstitch or crochet ends together leaving a 7 inch opening for arms like so:


Then hdc around armholes. I only had enough yarn for one row but I intended to do 3 rows. Thats it.

My next project will be a fitted shrug in a sportweight yarn and “G” hook. Deadline is April 17. Wish me luck.