I admire all the pretty thread storage systems I see on Pinterest with the pegboards and dowels but those require shopping at a hardware store and lugging stuff home and using a hammer and stuff.

I wanted my thread organized now with stuff I had. So what simulates a peg board and dowels? Pool noodles and bamboo skewers of course.

I started with a little 3 shelf organizer from IKEA that I had bought to organize paperwork but that system wasn’t working too well so it was kind of abandoned. Plus it takes me at least 2 tries to put stuff together and I broke the little plastic tabs off during try #1 and the drawers didn’t actually stay together.

Pinterest to the rescue. I learned cable ties can hold stuff together like so:


I cut pool noodles fit the drawers and in half lengthwise and skewered them together for some stability. I cut the skewers to fit using pruning shears.

I used the sewers for my bobbins as well. Turns out I have about 30 bobbins. I could never find them so I kept buying more. This is the same reason I have 5 spools of burgundy thread.

Maybe this isn’t a permanent solution but works great for now.