Here is my newest gift basket for a charity auction.Stuff looks so much more enticing in a basket, I think. Although Netflix speaks for itself. I love Netflix.

The basket is from the Dollar Store and is filled 1/4 of the way with decorative white stones ($ store) to give it some weight. I then cut floral foam ($ store) to fit basket stopping about 3/4 in from the top so my items could sit in the basket a bit.

I cut 6 inch squares of red and white tissue paper and 12 inch lengths of curling ribbon ( all $ store).
I took 4 pieces of ribbon,lined them up, and tied a knot in the middle.
I then took a square of red, two white, and the ribbon bunch I just tied and scrunched it in the middle. Then I used a floral pin (ok that was Walmart-$.89 for pack of 100)to push my ribbon/tissue into foam. I curled the ribbon once it was secured.

The candy (also $1.00 each) was taped on bamboo skewers ($.089 for 100 @ Walmart) and pushed into foam.