I wanted to create a Frozen-ish inspired basket.

I crocheted 5 squares using Hdc. This particular basket started with a chain 12 and crocheted 12 rows.

I whipstitched the squares together. I laid out one square and then the other 4 around it (to form a cross). I stitched the “cross” and then each side.

The handle is crocheted over a pipecleaner and whipstitched to basket.

I made a cardstock insert to keep the shape of the basket.The insert was made by cutting out 5 squares (slightly smaller than basket) and laid out and taped together following the same system as the basket.

I put some decorative floral stones in the bottom of the basket since the candy makes it top heavy and inserted a square of floral foam.

The tissue and ribbon were done in the same way as the NetFlix gift basket.

I used Candy Kiss roses to fill. Candy Kiss rose tutorials are bountiful on the internet.