I am trying to find some sweater and bootie designs I really like for a baby shower this November. Normally I make blankets but I thought I would try something different.

This is my first attempt at a baby sweater. I started with the pattern at:http://cre8tioncrochet.com/2013/07/abigail-baby-girl-cardigan/.

This pattern is called ” Abigails baby girl sweater” but I think the design isn’t particularly girly.

Some deviations from pattern:
I didn’t use soft yarn just because I have a ton of light blue worsted weight I bought on clearance.
Mine is probably bigger since I crochet very loosely so might be more like. sweater coat.
I skipped the color change trim.

Some observations on the pattern:
Says it takes 2.5 hours but took me more like 8 hours total.
The pattern was easy and straightforward except row 9 was a bit tricky.

This is what you have after row 9:


You have made the arm holes.

I have two more sweater patterns I want to try.

I may make a cardigan for me using this pattern. Definitely striped.